Why isn't mobile printing working?

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Q. Why isn't mobile printing working?


You can upload files in advance online to print in the library. You will know it worked once the file has been uploaded and a cost has been calculated. Then visit a print release station in the SOM Library to tap your CarolinaCard and retrieve the print job.


Most Common Issues:

1. Mobile printing page won't open or load
Using right-click or ctrl/command to Open in New Tab should solve the problem. This is usually related to browser settings, so it can help to close and update your browser or try a different browser.

2. Login is not working
You need to use your SOM username (the beginning of your email address, without the @uscmed.sc.edu) and your password. You may need to reset your password. 

3. Error when uploading: Document conversion failed because 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object'
Try saving the document as a PDF and uploading it.

4. Incorrect or unsupported file type
Only files stored as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Visio, text/rich text, or images (JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.) can be uploaded. If you are trying to print from Google Docs you will have to download and save the file in one of these formats first. The same is true for Pages documents on Macs. You will need to save as PDF or other supported file type.

5. Need to print in color, double-sided, multiple copies, or a specific page range
The default for all print jobs is a single-sided, black and white copy of the whole file. Check the box next to the print job to use the Print Options in the bottom right to change these defaults.

6. My Funds shows $0.00 under Payment method
If you know that you have CarolinaCash available, don't worry if this amount is not accurate. You will still be able to tap your card to pay and release your print job. To check your balance or add CarolinaCash, upload money online with a credit or debit card at https://my.carolinacard.sc.edu.

7. Check your wifi connection
If you're in the library, make sure your device is connected to the soms network. 


For more information about Printing (Copying and Scanning) please visit https://uscmed.sc.libguides.com/printingservices.


  • Last Updated Jul 21, 2023
  • Views 103

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